13 ways, How I made lockdown interesting, happy and positive for me…

Hello, I hope you all are doing well. As the title indicates my lockdown was not so boring… I was about to shift to a new place on 29th of march but I have to postpone it due to lockdown. Iam glad I decided to stay here because here I have good neighbours, relatives, friends and most important Iam familiar to this area.. Just imagine, how hard it could be to adjust in a totally new area when everyone is a stranger and that too during lockdown. One more question was….either I should go back to Himachal or I should stay in Jalandhar… And till now my mother do endless discussions on this topic…She is always worried for us…LOVE YOU MAA but Iam really good here. I should focus on today’s topic …

My sunshine…. 😘

Earlier my routine was really busy. I never had enough time for me and my daughter Shanaya… So Initially in lockdown I relaxed for few days but I am not that type of person who can sleep full day and night… I never sleep during day time… So I am listing below few activities that really helped me alot to pass my time or utilise my time in lockdown…

1. Pencil Sketches

I love colors, paintings, drawings..Iam not great at it but I feel good whenever I do this.. I tried to make few sketches. I learned them through some videos that popped up in my fb.. And must say these were easy …you should also give it a try…

2. Tried my hand on CASIO

CASIO -Approximately 18 years old,

Please DONT LAUGH… because I still have my 17 years old CASIO that my brother used to play when we were kids…I tried to learn some bollywood tunes by watching some you tube videos … I feel like everyone should learn to play atleast one musical instrument..It also helps us in better understanding of music… But my interest faded away within few weeks…

3 Dancing

I love dancing and whenever I have house chores to do, I play a good dance number, turn the speakers on start dancing . It motivates me to leave the bed and laziness… Sometimes even my daughter join me… She knows very well that music can turn me on whenever I am not active. I tried some BTS songs choreography tutorials also… 🤣🤣 but in vein… To be honest, my efforts were not enough for learning those tutorials, instead I used to switch to zumba dance🤣 When you feel to dance , just start it ….

4. Korean dramas

K Dramas are something that really send butterflies in the stomach and let us to dive in the sea of imagination. They are so beautiful and interesting that it seems unrealistic. It’s craze is enough to get one’s curiosity level high. I can’t list them all but I posted pictures of few K Dramas that entertained me during this lockdown period…. Fight my way, The Heirs, What’s wrong with secretary Kim, Cindrella and the four knights, Legend of the blue sea, The King:Eternal monarch… .. and many more…. I think 🤔I should write about kdramas in my next blog.

5. BTSARMY Forever

My love for Kdramas is really getting deeper…and may be the reason is BTS, a korean boy band … I watched all their old episodes, their live vedios on vlive app, all seasons of BTS bon voyage, etc… First time in my life I am addicted to someone … As a person I liked them more… That helped me alot to understand their music, lyrics. They have written some of their songs on true incidents, feelings and after watching their vedios I can relate with them… All of their songs have a social message. Whenever in the future , they will have concert in India… I will definitely go there..Iam BTSARMY forever… If you want to know more, how I became addicted to BTS, you can read my first blog…


6. Learning Korean..

You can guess why Iam so keen to learn a totally new language. I prefer kdramas with eng subtitles instead of eng or hindi dubbing… Oppaaaa, unniii, annyeong… And many more words are there that made me curious about this language… And BTS and kdramas motivated me alot for this..Initially I started learning basics of Korean using you tube vedios but currently I enrolled myself in Learn Korean Beginner online course under a professor of Yonsei University of South Korea.. But it is not that easy.. Its easy to read but really hard to understand the meaning because of different vocabulary. I am familiar to korean alphabets i.e. HANGUEL . Here is the link of Indian youtuber Mr. Satish, teaching korean


7. Best out of waste

My daughter love plants…even I love them…so we planted few indoor plants. I cant go out for new readymade planters so I made some planters from waste plastic oil cans… I really believe in concept of best out of waste… Below is the link for the steps, if you are interested in making a planter…


Also I tried bottle painting, keystand, wall hangings etc.

8. Cooking

Iam a mother also, so many of you will imagine me as a very good cook .. I must clear your doubts… I cook very well but just to full our bellys… Maybe because we are in a city and whenever we crave for something….. SWIGGY and ZOMATO are always there…. So I am not a masterchef🤪. But due to lockdown, I spent alot of time in kitchen, making Samosas, Dhokla, Idli, Cakes, Sandwiches, Tikki, Gulabjamun, icecreams and many more items that I usually order from restaurants…I must confess I didnt tried ‘GOLGAPPE’…

9. ME time with MOON

I am a moon admirer, moonbaby. It started when I was in 11th standard. I attended 10 days moutaineering camp near Rohru, Himachal . We used to do camp fires, sleep in tents, make our own food, look at the moon and stars. I must add here that watching Nightsky while lying on the mountains is totally different than city night sky…. Here we cant see that much stars. Usually our busy routines dont allow us to be free and look at the beauty of moon and stars. But lockdown made it possible for me and I did introspection while looking at the moon under the open sky.

10. Online webinars

In my free time , I attended some online webinars also but I must clear that I prefered only free webinars… Few of them were recommended by my friends. Learning something new while sitting comfortably at my home is always a new experience. Personally I will prefer going out for seminars rather than doing them online. But due to covid 19 we should stay home, stay safe.

11.Focusing on my fitness

I have put on some weight during lockdown, so now I am little bit focused to eat healthy and do some regular exercises… I purchased a weighing machine also in order to monitor my weight. I start my day with a warm drink of apple cider vinegar diluted in water.. Its taste is so ridiculous. If you feel bored while doing exercise, change it to ZUMBA, you will have fun…I eat more veggies and fibre foods now…eating healthy is important for better immunity.

12. Started a blog

I started my blog on 8th june 2020, I always wonder how to be a blogger.. Though Iam not great at it.. But just for curiousity I decided to write. And few of friends motivated me to take the first step… So here Iam….and you are reading my blogs…Thanks alot for visiting…

13. Reading my 17 yrs old diaries…

My treasure…

It was an amazing experience to have a look into me when I was a teenager. At the age of 13, I started writing my diaries. During lockdown, I read my old diaries..full of emotional, funny , weird moments of my life… If you want to know more click the link and go through my blog.


Inspite of all these above activities, I am spending more time with my daughter now and also doing lot of other stuff nowadays. But I highlighted only 13 activities.. Few people believe 13 is an unlucky number but I dont care because my birthdate is 13 😊. I should stop writing now as I have to practice Korean Hanguel.. It is really tough. 😬I need more time to practice.

I would love to know, how you are spending your lockdown period. Feel free to share in comments… BYE BYE, be haapy☺

Fathers day : Indeed a struggle for single mothers🤔

Today is FATHERS DAY, may be you also wished your father  But  I have an another aspect also to this day … This day is little bit different  for single mothers ,  When they see their kids in awkward situations where everyone in celebrating, wishing  their fathers but they cant do the same.

Unfortunately, there are many  women who can relate to these sentiments. It is true that there are  struggles  that come along  when the CO-CREATOR is  not with  them.. FATHER or DAD are not words  worthy of a man who never  deserve to be a father.. So I used the word Co-creator.

Fathers day  is also a struggle for those single mothers. I don’t have any complaints for all the men but one who are father but never fulfilled their responsibility , duty, love, care ….they should never call themselves a father.

A single Mother feels bad whenever her  child needs a  father and he is not there… At that time, a Mother always try her best to be a father.. What else she can do???

But the brighter side of this situation is… I never asked my daughter,to see me as a father, instead of this she told me many times -“I need only you mummy and you are my father also” I feel sorry that a little girl is talking much beyond her age …

I can’t forget the moment when she gifted me natural flowers wrapped in a paper with the heart on it , on a father’s day and she said –“mummy for me you are my father too, Happy Fathers Day…I don’t want to wish anyone else, Please don’t ask me to do this.”

Best gift ….

I was happy for both of us but deep in my heart I felt worried that how strong and mature she has become, to share these feelings … I was not expecting this from her in this little age, of her childhood..

I just want to ensure others that we are not lacking for love and happiness. Whereas, we as a team live our life happily, doing whatever we want to do … We have a strong bond unlike anything I have ever known.

I know, balancing a father’s role is not very easy but I am doing my best that I can do. I am sure Society will look at us with emotional heart but trust me …we will continue to laugh, play and enjoy our life . I never regret my decision… And I am at peace as my cutie pie is a happy , enjoying her life with me ….

I dont want to be judgemental about men …even I am not a feminist.. This is just my point of view… What I feel and want to share with others also..

And please dont be sad for us☺… We are really happy and Iam grateful to God for giving me the courage to take my decisions… For our better future..

Today on different social media platforms, I encountered few posts and vedios …where they wished single mothers… I feel positive that society is showing concern to those kids and their mothers…as they can live as normal families..

I am sharing few of them… Have a look…😊😊

Insta : Radio Mirchi RJ Heena Jalandhar
Youtube :Raymonds wishing Happy Fathers day to single mothers
Love yourself…

10.30 pm ….Now Its time for watching BTS vedios… Due to COVID 19 my whole routine is a mess… 🤪Take care …enjoy the moments…Bye bye (ANNYEONG) 🙋

10 tips: To get rid of STRESS and DEPRESSION…

Dear friends, today I am here just to let you know that I am always there for you whenever you need me.Just give me a sign, , I will be there next to you without judging you.

Yesterday we got another sad news of 2020 , suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput I am not a cry person but definitely when someone at a very young age that do something like this i feel heartbroken. I will not discuss more about him. Definitely he was  going through hard times.

May his Soul rest in peace . 😔


Stress and Depression…

These words were not very common in our society few years back. But I am glad that more people are aware  now.

I was also one who suffered a lot due to this. I was a Jolly person from the very beginning so I don’t let my emotions occupy my SMILE😊 but when my stress affected my health , I got panicked. 😱I consulted a Doctor about this.I thought maybe I was having some health issues but the case was different . With the help of a doctor I came to the point that I am depressed…..🙄 I lost approx 20kgs instantly in 2 -3 months but I  decided to fight it with full dedication… Because  I have a reason to smile…Shanaya..🥰 and after that day , I never looked back . Even I have taken some hard decisions also  to get rid of my stress…. Believe me that was the best decision of my life… 👍

I am a warrior… Always

I opened myself to few of my friends😘😘😘 (mixii and moto).. And they really supported me mentally, emotionally. They made me smile everyday… Ups and Downs are part of life .. We should have courage to face both of them… But dont forget if you dont want to help yourself.. Then No one can   help you. 🤷‍♀️

Stress and Depression… are the same  ??? 🤔

May be, you are also confused while  answering  this…

I am not a psychologist, but as a person who experienced this ,Let me help you to understand this…☺

STRESS is something like a bad mood… When you are not happy with yourself… Stress is good if  it motivates you…..like little bit of  work stress can lead you to better performance but if stress is bad it can take you down also..Stress can affect your physical, mental and emotional health. When you are not happy with your work you can get stressed out .  It is a short term  feeling initially but if we cant handle our stress.. It can become  serious issue…

Dont stress…..

But  DEPRESSION is far more serious and long lasting  then  stress .If you can’t cope up with your stress you will get into depression…A long-term stress can take you on the path of depression.. So be aware of that….

Few Tips that you  should not ignore…

Love yourself …

If you  are feeling stressed out..

  1. Make a plan and figure it out…do introspection , what  is bothering you🤔
  2. Write down the  reasons for your stress, your feelings, your anger.
  3. Have a good sleep, eat healthy food , stay hydrated.
  4. Add Yoga or exercise in your routine..
  5. Go for a walk… Look at the moon and stars (I did it alot) , enjoy little things…
  6. Cheer  yourself, listen good music but please avoid sad songs.. Instead of it  choose dance numbers and dance with joy.
  7. Dont suffer in silence… Talk to your parents, friends or even your teachers..
  8. Have a heart to heart talk with someone you trust..
  9. Get rid of toxic feelings by writing it in a diary..
  10. Dont forget… Iam also there to listen you .. Trust me🤗

If all this dont bring relief to you… It could be something more acute and chronic like depression.

Dont panic🤗… depression and any other mental health conditions are nothing to be ashamed of .It is not a weakness, seeking help is a sign of strength.

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Your first step toward feeling better is telling someone about your feelings. Visit a doctor , discuss with them they will surely understand you I am really sorry to say but it can happen that someone can take your feelings as a drama but don’t forget everyone has their own point of view… you should avoid them. Don’t pity on yourself…that is the worst part. We as humans have much more blessings from God .

Money can never make you happy, trust me …..even while sitting in a three floor big house one can feel very low and stressed out where as living in a small 3 room house can be very satisfying, happy, delightful . Money is just to fulfill our basic needs.

Enjoy sunrises and sunsets…..

Also remember, that at any age of your life you can start even from a ZERO….don’t run in the race for the sake of society take your time and be calm and happy.

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

– Oprah Winfrey

This blog can go longer and longer but I dont want you to feel stressed out , while reading this… 🤪

I would love to know your views… What you do when you are stressed…???🤔

Nowadays, I watch BTS fun videos, episodes … They are my stress busters🤣💜💜 purple you BTS

Bye bye 🙋🙋🙋🙋 ANNYEONG🤗

How BTS celebrated 7th HAPPY BIRTHDAY💜

BTS-ARMY : together we are bulletproof

Today is a special day…13th of June 2020, 7th anniversary of BTS as their debue in 2013. I have not planned it but after watching BTS FESTA , I wanted to share my feelings so I started writing….

BTS : 7th Birthday Party

This is my first BTS anniversary and FESTA in 2020 and I am so happy that I am a BTS ARMY now .

Sometimes I felt sad that I was not an army from the very beginning . I know that I haven’t attended any concerts, signing etc and I haven’t buy any official Merch of them. But I realised that it doesn’t matter as I am also one of the millions international fangirl / fanboy that love BTS ..

Now 7 persons are added in my list for whom I will always pray to God for their happiness and well being.

BTS: family portrait 2020

For the 7th anniversary, They released a video of celebrating the birthday party on YouTube. A big THANK YOU to BIG HIT productions for the english subtitles. I also added the vedio for you.

BTS FESTA 2020……

All of them were wearing matching BTS jerseys with their names on the back same as their first anniversary to recreate their first birthday party . They did it all by themselves.

All seven members divided into three teams -cooking team (RM, JIN) decoration team(V, JUNGKOOK, J-HOPE), cake team (SUGA, JIMIN) ……. they did it so well…

Made with love……BTS BIRTHDAY CAKE… 🎂

They played party games…..answered many questions and shared their deep feelings for other members and army. It was a high funny point when KimTaehung (aka V) wished to see the kids of other members🤣🤣🤣

V : I want to see your kids🤣🤣🤣🤣 best part of the vedio

Literally my tears rolled down while watching them , don’t know why but I guess I am really into it like a BTS fangirl…


Later on, our caring leader NamJoon (aja RM) posted and adorable lovely letter for army on Weverse app. As soon he posted I got a notification popped up in my phone…as Iam a member on WEVERSE fan app also. LETTER FROM RM was like cherry on the cake for me…

“I love you more than love itself, ARMY” –RM

Wishing them to stay strong and together always.. I will stop writing now, to enjoy rest of my day with more BTS vedios…Nowadays I am watching their old vedios of travelling…..BTS: BON VOYAGE

All of you, take care of yourself, enjoy your day, be happy and keep smiling☺☺☺☺ ANNYEONG 👋 (bye bye in korean) 😆

How it feels: reading my DEAR DIARY after 17 years 🥰🥰…

All thanks to Covid 19 lockdown, I was getting bored 😕, so few days back I decided to clean all my almirahs , book racks.📚 In a deep corner I found few of my old diaries…

I had enough time, so I started reading them. I felt excited and curious.. From my school days I had lot of diaries.. Most of them are filled with cute lovely pictures, quotes ,thoughts and autographs also… Whenever I found something interesting, I wrote it down in my diary with colours, glitters, and even picture cuttings.

Reading my old diaries was like a journey back to those years as an emotional teenager.. I had my first diary in year 2003 (I was in 8th standard at that time 🤪🤪)

You must be wondering Why diaries are so important…

When I go through my old photographs from my childhood and school days I can see myself smiling , laughing, dancing, playing but I don’t know what I was thinking those days. Definitely I have many special moments on photos but not on paper. But I am glad that later on , I started writing my feelings also. I felt like I was full of emotions, thoughts and I should bring them out..

TRUST ME !!! whether you are feeling happy, angry, sad, excited or anything you will feel lighter after writing your feelings. It feels like the same way as talking to a friend. ☺☺

While reading my old diaries both positive and difficult emotions arrived unexpectedly. I assumed those emotions were no longer a part of me.

I have written very special moments of my life in it. Best part of my diary is best wishes from my Principal, teachers, classmates and friends.

It means alot to us when we get to know what others feel about us, but the good thing is I felt happy that even in my school days I was kind hearted , happy girl and yet I am not changed.☺☺😜 Whenever I was going through emotional ups and downs, strom of emotions, I put them all together in poems.

No one else really have access to my personal diaries . I can’t share that But I can share few pages from my first diary(2003) for you, to show what an 8th standard girl 🙆was doing 17 years back 😬😬😂😂😂 I hope you will understand my handwriting🧐.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 .

Have you ever written your feelings on a paper or diary ???….It’s never too late to start….if you feel, start writing your personal feelings in a diary (but keep it safe from others 🤣🤣🤣)

Feel free to share your views in the comments… 🤗🤗

10 steps of How to make a planter at home from waste… DIY plastic oil cans

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.— Alfred Austin

Nationwide lockdown in India will definitely reduce the risk of contamination from covid-19 😷but instead of getting bored while staying at home ,I decided to acknowledge the need for relaxing and mindfulness activities, so to lift my mood😄 and  energy , I decided to make some planters from empty saffola oil can and to add some plants🌱🌱🌱 in green area of my balcony for more happy vibes…

I had some  empty plastic oil cans . I started with cleaning  them.  Worst part in this process was….removing the stickers from the cans….I really  hate  it…😤😤

We can cut them as a simple box but as I  love little touch of creativity🧚‍♀️  so I decided to  give them a different look. What i  did next for my DIY  planter  is….Mark a line near the  bottom  of the can and cut it out… I  used cutter, and heated knife also . Trust me !!!  heated knife 🔪 works very well   for smooth n easy cutting…

Also we can turn the leftover cutout as a useful tool for gardening…here it is …what I made from the leftover cut out..

😊take my help for gardening

Don’t forget to put some holes  or cuts for the proper drainage of excess water… It is really important in planters.

Now …time to show some creativity …

Using pencil  and eraser , I made  eyebrows, eyes, nose,  and  lovely lips on the can…

Then I coloured  them using my nailpaints😬😬… as I avoid  going out  because of   Mr. corona😷

Let the paint dry … And then  work on detailings. For  a  feminine look,  I used a broken earing of mine as a maangteeka ,  old hairband and also a red bindi…  You can try  other stuff also…

Finally  I filled it up with  proper soil and planted a money plant in it…

My Money plant lady😂😂

Someone told me 🤔 “If Money plant grows well that means you will have a lot of money.. “🤣🤣🤣🤣💰💰💰

I repeated the process with my other green colour can also… And planted a basket plant in it..

So finally I have two new members…

Please tell me in comments whether you liked it or not…. I will love to hear it from you.. Take care and enjoy your leisure time …

How I became BTS addicted overnight…during COVID 19 LOCKDOWN

I can’t believe I am writing this as my first blog. Few months earlier ,I was totally unknown to Kpop or BTS. Then in March 2020 lockdown started and it got worst due to coronavirus. As an Indian, we had the biggest lockdown.
My journey started when an old video on Tik Tok popped in front of me with #K-pop I watched it and it was related to the funeral of Kpop star, don’t know why but tears rolled out from my eyes when I saw the picture of late Jonghyun (he was very young)

I was curious to know who are they so I started my search on K-pop with the help of my Google Baba🧐 Initially I got the idea that Kpop is music genre of South Korea .They sing as well as dance very well. When I searched more and more I found BTS videos. Reading about them was not that interesting in the starting 😄. So I opted for videos and as we all know the strong spider web of internet….😄when we search something in social media we can see them everywhere in our social groups….I watched many videos of BTS members having fun moments on YouTube .

I must say my love for them started after realising their friendship Bond, fun moments, sad moments and so on…..but in starting I was not very much interested in their official videos. But later on I loved their songs, videos, phrases their English(😂😂😂😂).

There are few steps, exams to become an official BTS Army also but I guess it is not compulsory as a non Korean fan…..my love for them is enough till now and just because of them, I am addicted to Korean dramas also…I googled more and more about South Korea, their food, places to visit. I also subscribed YouTube channels of Indians in Korea and my first preference in places to visit is South Korea now . This is my first time in my life when I am really feeling like a fan…..

💜💜Boys with love💜💜

I love everything about them, even I started learning Korean language HANGUL for understanding them better I am a member in VLIVE and WEVERSE ….. and now I always watch their LIVE sessions….. you must be wondering how as a non Korean I understand them but the reality is it feels like I can feel their emotions….may be this is the reason why they have biggest fan following even with language barrier…

Today is 8th of June 2020 ….today they inspired the graduates of 2020 with their commencement speech, they were all dressed up in black suits and were looking amazing today or I should say they always look amazing to me…😍😍😍

Their are some phrases that only BTS Army can understand like using I purple you instead of I love you ..I will explain it in next part ….that’s enough for today….😜

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